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Buyers and Farmers

For a Better Future

mockup of iphone showing twin farms app

What is Twin Farms?

Twin Farms™ is a marketplace that connects conscious businesses directly with fairly traded farmers around the world. We build a better and cleaner food system where both parties benefit from an ethical and trustworthy exchange, resulting in reduced food waste, guaranteed traceability and credibility.


The Twin Farms™ technology also offers a number of proprietary features that lets you manage your business. Some of the many features include inventory management, an industry-centric news feed, up to date price tracking (like the stock market but produce), and a customized smart dashboard providing an overview of the data that drives your business's bottom line. 

mockup of iphone showing twin farms app
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mockup of iphone showing twin farms app

Why Twin Farms?

We are on a mission to improve the quality of life of our producers, their agricultural communities, and their crops. We achieve this by providing a better and more sustainable commercial process. Farmers who work with us earn their fair share, enabling them to support and sustain their agricultural communities, grow healthy crops and meet their unique socio-economic and environmental needs. 


On the flip side, we make it easy for customers to choose products that align with their values, facilitating positive change for themselves and for farmers, every day. 

How do we operate?

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