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Our Story

Pablo and Santiago, co-founders of Twin Farms™, are on a global mission to help conscious buyers connect directly with fair-trade farmers around the world. Through building a better and cleaner food system where all food reaches its most effective use, both parties gain a unique and trustworthy experience, providing maximum satisfaction with guaranteed traceability and credibility.

Coming from different backgrounds, from agriculture to technology, what initially brought them together was a profound desire to help local farmers and agricultural communities by connecting them with potential buyers so they could not only provide them with top quality produce but also the uniquely special feeling of connecting directly with the roots. 

After enjoying some fresh dragon fruit on the Ecuadorean Amazon, Pablo and Santiago started talking about building a bridge that connects farmers to customers in a system that creates shared value for anyone who cares about shopping ethically. They wanted to make it easier for people to choose products that align with their values and help them make a positive change, for themselves and others, every single day, which lead them to start the journey of building Twins Farm™.

Join us in the new revolution.


Pablo Regalado & Santiago Jaramillo 

Why Us

To compete in today’s market, the current system has driven down prices at the expense of those most vulnerable: farmers and workers. Finding your “Produce Twin” means taking a stand in support of a system that treats everyone with respect. 


For every product going through our app, the farmer earns an additional amount of money that goes into a common fund, which will be used to empower & elevate their agricultural communities. Those funds can be used to improve their quality of life, or to support a local social organization, meeting their socio-economic and environmental needs.


When our customers buy a product from the Twins Farm app, they can be sure it was made following the most rigorous standards. We specialize in working closely with fair-trade producers, and we certify transactions between them and our conscious customers.


Pablo Regalado

CEO & Co-Founder


Santiago Jaramillo

CTO & Co-Founder

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