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Twins Farm Inc. has adopted this policy to provide the greatest amount of control to Farmers and Customers over their dealings with one another while at the same time ensuring that a high level of quality and service are experienced consistently across the Twin Farms Application.


In general, the acceptability of goods will be based on the U.S. Standards for Grades of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Fruits and Vegetables for Processing, Nuts, and Specialty Crops, accessible at this link ( However, the Farmer and Customer may, in advance, agree to certain other quality control and refund terms amongst themselves in case of unacceptable goods, except that Twins Farm Inc. will give Customers a full refund if their order never ships.


As a Customer: 


You as a Customer are empowered to report any problems with your order to the Farmer, immediately, for resolution amongst yourselves.


In the event that goods arrive in an unacceptable condition, you must notify Twin Farms at ( where you will receive instructions for returning the defective goods to the shipper. In such cases, Farmer will be responsible for issuing a refund.



As a Farmer: 


You as a Farmer shall establish, in a writing easily viewable and accessible from your product listings or order page, a set amount of time for each Customer to inspect and verify the acceptability of the quality of goods ordered from you. 


You are responsible for issuing a refund to the Customer in the event that goods sent by you arrive in an unacceptable or defective condition.


In the event that it is shown that the unacceptability of the quality of goods is due to shipment, Twin Farms will reimburse Farmer for the cost refunded to the Customer.

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